Predicting Where Every Fired WWE Wrestler Will Go

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Where will these recently fired WWE Superstars end up? AEW, IMPACT or nothing?
Fired WWE Wrestlers
Samoa Joe
Billie Kay
Mickie James
Wesley Blake
Tucker Knight
Chelsea Green
Peyton Royce
Bo Dallas
Mojo Rawley
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  1. REAL Wrestling
    REAL Wrestling
    20 күн мурун

    Injured or not, Samoa Joe shouldn’t have been fired/released by any means.

    1. Varad Kamble
      Varad Kamble
      17 күн мурун

      No actually, I am relieved WWE released Samoa Joe. 4 years man Not one meaningful Championship reign I hope he goes to NJPW, he hard wrestling strikes can really be put to good use.

    2. The Joker
      The Joker
      18 күн мурун

      Here's how stupid wwe and vince as a whole are. The iconic first ever tag team women champ. The iconic.... also got fired

    3. Amy
      18 күн мурун

      I agree he was (in my opinion) one of the best heels in the pg era

    4. 1 Survivor
      1 Survivor
      18 күн мурун

      Maybe Joe wanted out and it was a mutual agreement? Has anyone thought of that? I mean it doesn't seem like Joe is upset at all on socials. In fact he seems a bit relieved.

    5. Skippy Skipperson
      Skippy Skipperson
      19 күн мурун

      It was probably simply a money thing. He's on a wrestler's contract. He can't get medical clearance to wrestle. So as a commentator, he is paid more than they normally pay one. Violating the Wellness Policy a couple of months ago didn't help.

  2. Dusty Hughes
    Dusty Hughes
    9 күн мурун

    I like to see Samoa Joe and Kalisto in AEW

  3. Marc Power
    Marc Power
    9 күн мурун

    My predictions: Samoa Joe: AEW Kalisto: AAA Tucker: Impact Chelsea Green: AEW, but if she goes back to impact it will be as Laurel Van Ness. Bo Dallas: semi-retired/indies Blake Wesley: Indies Mickie James: retires Mojo Rawley: semi-retired/indies Iconics: AEW

  4. Synclaire Xxx
    Synclaire Xxx
    12 күн мурун

    Wrestlers like real estate lol

  5. Phantom Assassin
    Phantom Assassin
    12 күн мурун

    Joe to NJPW

  6. purple face
    purple face
    14 күн мурун

    The iiconics are obviously going to aew, peytons husband is already signed there and their raw talent and charisma could get them a contract anywhere

  7. Allen Nutt
    Allen Nutt
    14 күн мурун

    It was really stupid of WWE to not have Bo and Bray interact in ANY capacity

  8. Hamzah Iftikhar
    Hamzah Iftikhar
    14 күн мурун

    aew has too many wrestlers bit too late for them

  9. Chris Ravenci
    Chris Ravenci
    15 күн мурун

    I just realized recently that Ryker is Gunner from TNA lol I always ask myself when he was going to sing in WWE but when he signed, he deserved to start in the main roster in my opinion.

  10. Sam Bedford
    Sam Bedford
    16 күн мурун

    Why couldn't Joe be kept on as a commenter.

  11. John Dickson
    John Dickson
    17 күн мурун

    Wrestlers Need To Unionize

  12. Joshua Waldorf
    Joshua Waldorf
    17 күн мурун

    The Iiconics could be on Impact Wrestling since they have a Womens tag titles.

  13. Victoria Gabrielle
    Victoria Gabrielle
    17 күн мурун

    Chelsea is going to kill it wherever she ends up. Most people underestimate her but the girl is a full on entertainer who can also actually wrestle.

  14. Silvestre Rios JR.
    Silvestre Rios JR.
    17 күн мурун

    Roaming range vs the rock back see

  15. Dustin Nunn
    Dustin Nunn
    17 күн мурун

    I am a Trump fan. Anybody got a problem with that?

  16. JoShUa
    17 күн мурун

    Chelsea Green 🤤

  17. Angel Herrera
    Angel Herrera
    18 күн мурун

    Joe in AEW would be amazing

  18. Chris Akane
    Chris Akane
    18 күн мурун

    That would be cool tho. If bo went to AEW and parodied the FIEND.

  19. Christopher Wicker
    Christopher Wicker
    18 күн мурун

    I thought joe was gonna be part of romans table

  20. The Gaming hedgehog
    The Gaming hedgehog
    18 күн мурун

    I. CAn see peyton in aew to help the womans division and Billie as a manager in impact or team them in either company

  21. Skaarxiong1
    18 күн мурун

    and at this rate, i can see AEW turning into TNA. just waiting for Hogan to pop up and yep, TNA all over again

  22. Mario Rickman
    Mario Rickman
    18 күн мурун

    Mickie James va Britt Baker

  23. Anthony Aalto
    Anthony Aalto
    18 күн мурун

    Typical wwe doing egg head stuff.

  24. Scott Silagyi
    Scott Silagyi
    18 күн мурун

    Nobody gets it??? This is a done deal.. WWE Takeover. There sneaking in and playing the part ,remember, I know McMahon when Freddy Blassie hit him on the head with his Cane during an interview. There's big money big entertainment and filling in a lot of Television time if you could get a good old war fumin between WWE and aew. It's common sense.

  25. Shane Douglas
    Shane Douglas
    18 күн мурун

    Mickie could join her husband in NWA...

  26. Shane Douglas
    Shane Douglas
    18 күн мурун

    Kalisto should go back to AAA

  27. Shane Douglas
    Shane Douglas
    18 күн мурун

    If Joe goes All Elite, I want him to go after the AEW Champ Omega

  28. Jarno du Toit
    Jarno du Toit
    18 күн мурун

    Random question: where's Damian Dijakovic

  29. 1 Survivor
    1 Survivor
    18 күн мурун

    IIconics to AEW is the most obvious one of any on this list imo. AEW womens division desperately needs a boost of any kind.

  30. Jordan H
    Jordan H
    18 күн мурун

    I have a feeling Chelsea green will go back to impact and bring back her laurel van ness character.

  31. Big Man Greg
    Big Man Greg
    18 күн мурун

    No one asked but my list on where they should go: Samoa Joe: ROH Illconics: ROH or AEW Kalisto: AEW or CMLL MOJO: Impact Tucker: NWA or ROH Chelsea Green: AEW Mickie James: NWA or AEW Bo Dallas (if he decides to wrestle): NWA Wesley Blake: NJPW

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    Niki Ramot
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  33. marcus813
    18 күн мурун

    I wonder why the NWA wasn't mentioned in the Mickie James part. That promotion could use another top female talent.

  34. La Shawn Jordan
    La Shawn Jordan
    19 күн мурун

    I think Samoa Joe will go to AEW I think Chelsea Green should go to impact with Fiancée Matt Cordona I think Mickie James should go to AEW and Payton Royce should go to AEW

  35. SM
    19 күн мурун

    AEW's women's division needs more talent and they should sign some of the fired female wrestlers

  36. SM
    19 күн мурун

    Looks like Vince, Bruce, etc. never saw anything apart from WWE, Samoa Joe is so talented. He could be head of a stable or Manager. He is too good on Mic🔥

  37. Craig Naughton
    Craig Naughton
    19 күн мурун

    The Iconics to Impact form an Australian faction with Tanille Dashwood, who could get a push and win the Impact Womens Championship, while the Iconics win the Impact Tag Team titles giving the faction all the gold?

  38. Blu
    19 күн мурун

    I miss Kalisto, He was my favorite when I started watching WWE in 2016 ;-;

  39. Karnige
    19 күн мурун

    AEW needs to sign samoa joe and the iiconics. now

  40. Karnige
    19 күн мурун

    cool so samoa joe gets a bad concussion doing a wwe commercial and cant wrestler anymore. gets fired..... ruthless

  41. Graves Plays
    Graves Plays
    19 күн мурун

    Happy for pat mcafee

  42. Michael Mike
    Michael Mike
    19 күн мурун

    Chelsea Green teased on her twitter account she could be ahead to AEW by her account

  43. Martin Thomas
    Martin Thomas
    19 күн мурун

    The Iconics to AEW where they can help build a women's tag team division and in time there can be AEW women's tag team belts

  44. CrimsonDragon90
    19 күн мурун

    Why is this channel always anti wwe?

  45. J.Gomez
    19 күн мурун

    Joe, NJPW🤙

  46. benjamin clark
    benjamin clark
    19 күн мурун

    1. Joe to Impact, NJPW, or AEW 2. Bo Dallas Retires 3. Kalisto to AAA 4. Tucker to NWA or ROH 5. Mojo Rawley to NWA 6. Mickie James to Impact or NWA 7. Wesley Blake to NWA or ROH 8. Chelsea to AEW or Impact 9. Peyton Royce to AEW 10. Billie Kay to AEW (she going to go where ever Peyton goes)

  47. Chuck Earls
    Chuck Earls
    19 күн мурун

    Idk who’s going to willingly hire billy Kay as a wrestler

  48. Andrew Lurry
    Andrew Lurry
    19 күн мурун

    My prediction: I think Samoa Joe will return to impact wrestling

  49. Ritik
    19 күн мурун

    Sir your channels undertaker theme is best don't change it Request 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  50. King Mojo
    King Mojo
    19 күн мурун

    You keep repeating aew or Ring of Honor or impact it's like you've never heard of NWA power or MLW... a lot of these wrestlers will probably end up in one of these two companies specifically Mickie James her husband is currently the NWA World Heavyweight Champion

  51. Kinshasa PR.
    Kinshasa PR.
    19 күн мурун

    The only people I want to see in AEW are Joe, Kalisto and Iconics.

  52. Daniel R
    Daniel R
    19 күн мурун

    Bolieve. I think Bo should keep Bolieve gimmick when he goes to AEW

  53. Kratos 666
    Kratos 666
    19 күн мурун

    Samoa Joe, Kalisto and Mickie James in AEW would be great

  54. Vondiasu Fracara35
    Vondiasu Fracara35
    19 күн мурун

    Samoa joe needs to do abs

  55. enigmatik
    19 күн мурун

    What about Andrade and Carlito????

  56. Wergoheb
    19 күн мурун

    I'm surprised you didn't bring up NWA at all in regards to Mickie James, tbh. Her husband is their champion, and even if she can't currently work Kamille could use a mouthpiece. Also, the IIconics seem destined for Impact to me. Just throw them together with Tenille Dashwood as a meangirl stable. Plus they have a credible Tag Divison.

  57. Texas Tornado
    Texas Tornado
    19 күн мурун

    Joe being released is ridiculous

  58. Jason L Payne
    Jason L Payne
    19 күн мурун

    I can see Mojo Rawley ending up in Impact. They've done a lot with less.

  59. 99% Gaming
    99% Gaming
    19 күн мурун

    I don't think AEW will care about Joes health they will book him

  60. Yoda
    19 күн мурун

    I hope Kalisto goes to AEW and allies himself with Fenix and Penta.

  61. Alan Wagner
    Alan Wagner
    19 күн мурун

    My prediction is that Samoa joe will go back to impact

  62. Darkwing Geese
    Darkwing Geese
    19 күн мурун

    Even if Samoa Joe does go to AEW, Samoa Joe vs. Eddie Kingston is the match I wanna see.

  63. Jonathon Young
    Jonathon Young
    19 күн мурун

    There's also MLW as well. Obviously not as big as the companies mentioned, but exposure is exposure.

  64. John In sins
    John In sins
    19 күн мурун

    Samoa joe back to TNA

  65. Terrence Okagbue
    Terrence Okagbue
    19 күн мурун

    AEW,Impact or New Japan.

  66. Camj
    19 күн мурун

    wwe really be realesing somoa joe before someone like anglr garza?

  67. Graven Wolf
    Graven Wolf
    19 күн мурун

    This is going to cost Vince big time. All those superstars that were let go will obviously go to AEW. The ratings will go up and who knows if it will surpass WWE. Vince's arrogance will be his undoing.

    1. Anthony Cotto
      Anthony Cotto
      19 күн мурун

      AEW is 2000s WCW 2.0

  68. Modern 2
    Modern 2
    19 күн мурун

    WWE releasing wrestlers especially the newer ones thats a mistake that they shouldn’t do especially when theres a chance they might go to AEW

  69. Cody Jefferson
    Cody Jefferson
    19 күн мурун

    Bo Dallas's "The Friend" mask looks creepier than The Fiend's mask

  70. Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan
    Speed DemonPowerage98 Yuuki&Delthea&Alicefan
    19 күн мурун

    Still waiting for Asuka to get released cuz she is now 0 wins and 4 Losses at Wrestlemania.

    1. Anthony Cotto
      Anthony Cotto
      19 күн мурун


  71. jakob godnjavec
    jakob godnjavec
    20 күн мурун

    when am watching this this has 69 views me: nice

  72. Jennifer Myers
    Jennifer Myers
    20 күн мурун

    all of these wrestlers suck. so it doesnt matter where they go. wrestling has no stars except for brock lesnar, ronda rousey, randy orton, and sting.

    1. Anthony Cotto
      Anthony Cotto
      19 күн мурун

      Ronda is trash

  73. Yvonne Hayes
    Yvonne Hayes
    20 күн мурун

    Samoan joe I want him in mlw mlw

  74. Leigh Meeks
    Leigh Meeks
    20 күн мурун

    Some might re-sign in a few years time. You never know it's happened before

    20 күн мурун

    Joe is going back to tna for sure

  76. dani danie
    dani danie
    20 күн мурун

    Samoa joe back tna,kalisto go mexic division, bo dallas roh,the iconic aew,micky james retired, mojo rawley roh

  77. WolfieJr 94
    WolfieJr 94
    20 күн мурун

    If AEW is smart they would sign every woman on this list. They DESPERATELY need star power for their women’s division

  78. Sheem Almighty
    Sheem Almighty
    20 күн мурун

    Jaxson Ryker is still employed by WWE but both his Forgotten Son's partners got released. Both lost their push and eventually their job cause of his actions. Comical

  79. Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams
    20 күн мурун

    Peyton should go to All Elite where her husband, Shawn Spears, is at. And Billie should go with her; Chelsea will probably return to Impact. She's a former Knockouts Champion and her fiance, Matt Cardona, is there; I wouldn't be surprised if Mickie joins Nick Aldis in NWA. She's a legend who can put over other female talent and can still go in the ring.

  80. Serial Miller
    Serial Miller
    20 күн мурун

    It would make sense for Mickie James to go to NWA and pair with Nick Aldis.

  81. Frank Bingham
    Frank Bingham
    20 күн мурун

    I think that the fired wrestler's from WWE should join aew and should show their good moves for aew viewers.

    1. Anthony Cotto
      Anthony Cotto
      19 күн мурун

      AEW is 2000s WCW 2.0

  82. Surekha Kalambe
    Surekha Kalambe
    20 күн мурун

    If samoa Joe going aew mjf vs Joe fude well🔥🔥🔥

  83. stephen billings
    stephen billings
    20 күн мурун

    I think Tucker would make a good tag team in AEW with Wardlow. They need a new tag team, even with the various mixes from the groups, like Pinnacle and The Inner Circle, e.t.c. As to me they are getting a bit 'stale'.

  84. Joey de boer
    Joey de boer
    20 күн мурун

    AEW HIRE JOE !!!!!

    20 күн мурун

    Why not Samoa Joe go to Impact again? He got successful there before WWE. I mean he can go to AEW but he could get successful in Impact.

  86. Michael Bibs
    Michael Bibs
    20 күн мурун

    Soma Joe😍 vs Mirro😍 the clash of the heavyweights!! I definitely want to see that match.

  87. Bruhn't
    20 күн мурун

    Samoa Joe returns to TNA maybe?

  88. Bruhn't
    20 күн мурун

    If WWE releases 10 superstars every year like this, and also if you add up that 2-3 superstars quit the company every year (as usual), they will totally empty their whole roster by somewhere around 2030..

  89. Chandrasekar S
    Chandrasekar S
    20 күн мурун

    Other than Iconics, I don't see anyone else going to AEW. Joe will most likely be in Impact.Kalisto to Lucha Underground and the rest to ROH or independent circuit.

  90. JVO_Wrld
    20 күн мурун

    AEW starter pack, get it ready!

  91. Keith Ratamess
    Keith Ratamess
    20 күн мурун

    I think aew needs to grab the iconics and James and green. They need to make those three a priority along with Samoa joe

  92. steve holland
    steve holland
    20 күн мурун

    billie kay holds payton royce down payton needs to stay a single wrestler or as her manager

  93. Wr3d Daniru
    Wr3d Daniru
    20 күн мурун

    Can someone tell me what charlie caruso meant by dp

  94. Megatron
    20 күн мурун

    IIconics 😭

  95. Mior Zharif 1986
    Mior Zharif 1986
    20 күн мурун

    Look vince, all you your wrong decision give many wrong result, from ally become enemy

  96. PantherPrime
    20 күн мурун

    Samoa Joe still surprised me.

  97. Deepanshu Bhatia 12
    Deepanshu Bhatia 12
    20 күн мурун


  98. Reality Check
    Reality Check
    20 күн мурун

    Samoa Joe should go to AEW to face Kenny Omega for the title. Chelsea Green should go back to Impact Wrestling as Laurel Van Ness.

  99. Akira Deace
    Akira Deace
    20 күн мурун

    Imagine a good samoa joe vs jon Moxley Match in aew. It would bei awesome

  100. Bane Braddock
    Bane Braddock
    20 күн мурун

    Why didn't vince just BO-lieve?